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What We Do 

At Jean Marie Farish Center for Conscious Loving, LLC we offer life care coaching, classes, speaking engagements, and creative services project consultations to cultivate love.  Empower your life with love. Listen to LOVE LIGHT, World Talk Radio Empowerment Show with Dr. Jean Marie, LOVE LIGHT Host (Live Fridays 9:00 Pacific/11:00 CST/12:00 EST) Show Link ...

Mission and Philosophy 

Jean Marie Farish Center for Conscious Loving, LLC inspires you to cultivate a lifestyle of love and wholehearted connections through worthiness. We operate on the foundation of the Wholistic Model of Love, adopted from Henry Drummond, that includes nine ingredients in the 'Recipe of Love': Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Humility, Courtesy, Unselfishness, Good Temper, Guilessness, and Sincerity.

We are also grounded in the "4 Universal Principles for Conscious Loving" including: Love Yourself, Live Your Potential, Love Wholeheartedly, and Live by Higher Ideals. Visit:

  • Hospitals

  • Educational Programs

  • Community Centers

Our Services 

  • Workshops

  • Online Classes

  • Life-Care Coaching

  • Healing Arts Service Project Consultations

  • Speaking Engagements


Well-Being and Personal Growth

  • Conscious Loving

  • Wellness and Wholistic Living in Everyday Life

  • Wholehearted Relationship Building

  • Jump Start Your Career With Volunteerism

Classes and Workshops

“Flourish in love and master your life”

Online Classes 

Online classes offered at Millsaps College Community Enrichment Program.

  • Cultivating Loving Relationships Master Class 

  • Transformational Writing: How to Find Your Voice 


Speaking Engagements 

  • Transformational Relationships

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Educating for Purposeful Living

  • Wholistic Model of Love

  • Self-Love and Self-Care

  • Wellness and Wholistic Living in Everyday Life


Dr. Jean Marie Farish Featured Guest on Light Warrior Radio with Dr. Karen Kan
  • Clarion Call

  • Giving Courage to Love

Resources Section

Dr. Jean Marie Farish Authored Books

 Foreword By Dr. Jean Marie Farish

Poetry Tributes to Anwar Fazal, Poems By Anwar Fazal, and About Anwar Fazal

Dato' Dr. Anwar Fazal was a honorable Guest on LOVE LIGHT "Right Livelihood: Peace, Justice, and the Environment" (5/29/20). Listen on-demand:

Living in the Spirit of Love:Our Natural State of Being highlights Personal Transformation Framework, Recipe of Love , Love Mastery Devotion Exercises and Personalized Life Care Planner

Living in the Spirit of Love 

Most Popular

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My Joy Journal

-Video Trailer of My Joy Journal (Available in English and Spanish)

Books Co-Authored and Radio Interviews

Magazine Feature Stories

I Am Love 

Every time you see a mirror, look into your own eyes and say, "I love you." Remind yourself that you are worthy, light, and love.

Reflection of Henry Drummond

“Is life not full of opportunities for learning love? Every man and woman everyday has a thousand of them. Greatest thing in the world.”


We’re Here to Help

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