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Love Light Living in the Spirit of Love

Spiritual Journey to Leh ( Ladakh, India) in the Himalayas

Visit to Thickse Monastery in Leh Ladakh, India in the Himalayas

INDIA: A Journey Inward

by Dr. Jean Marie Farish

Dr. Jean Marie captures highlights of memorable moments and lessons learned during her transformational journey 'Blessings of Maitreya' to Leh (Ladakh India) in the high and pristine Himalayas in the Buddhist province in Northern India with Judy Satori. including visits to ancient monasteries, Mohabodhi Retreat Center, trent living in Nubra Valleny, sacred initiations and so much more.

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Something Happened Talk Show

Dr. Jean Marie Farish, Featured Guest on

Something Happened"It's All About Love" June 21, 2022 (Live on Demand)

SHE Network- Empowering Women to Rise

Dr. Jean Marie Farish, Featured Guest

"She's Made For Love" with June Joy Leng (Malaysia)

Day 7 of the Transformation Summit. Wise Women Rising For Embodied Change!


Dr. Jean Marie Farish

-What it means to Love Wholeheartedly

-How to accept yourself with love and self-compassion

-The Power of a new chapter and a new beginning

Empowering Life With Love

Jean Marie Farish Center for Conscious Loving, LLC is an organization that inspires cultivating a lifestyle of love and wholehearted connections through worthiness. Cultivate love with Life Care coaching, workshops, online classes, speaking engagements, and consultation.


Dr. Jean Marie Farish, is an award winning best-selling author, VoiceAmerica World Talk Radio Empowerment Show Host-LOVE Light, educator, life care coach and Founder and CEO of Life Care Wellness PEP for Angels, Inc. "to enrich lives and serve our community" with emphasis on children hospitalized. She was instrumental in sponsoring programs Healing Arts Programs at the UMMC Children's Hospital through partially funded grants by the MS Arts Commission. She has been featured in PUBLISHED!, BookMad, and Sparks of Inspiration Magazines. Dr. Farish served a career as a professor and administrator in higher education, almost a decade of service as a rehabilitation counselor practitioner working with people transitioning from prison to the community, and as a Vocational Expert designing life care plans for clients suffering from personal injury.

Dr. Farish presented at the Oxford Round Table in Oxford, England, toured educational programs throughout Turkey, and was affiliated with the Asia-Pacific University-Community-Engagement Network (APUCEN). She presented at the International Counseling and Social Work Conference in Penang, taught classes, and conducted workshops during visits to Malaysia. Her six month stay in Penang, Malaysia as Honorary Consultant in the Division of Industry and Community Engagement was life changing. Working as a team with USM faculty and staff, Dr. Farish traveled throughout Southeast Asia to indigenous communities and volunteered at the Lions Resource and Education Centre for Children with Autism. She combines her educational background and training, professional services, life challenges and transformational life experiences to serve and cultivate a lifestyle of love. Dr. Farish adopts African, Buddhist and biblical teachings.

Her most profound work is center on Henry Drummond, a noble 18th century Scottish professor, author, counselor, scientist, evangelist and world traveler who analyzed Love in his 'Spectrum of Love' and was an exemplary model of love. Dr. Farish's tribute to Drummond is shared in her book, "LIVING IN LOVE: Character and Philosophy of Henry Drummond, and teachings in her book, "Living in the Spirit of Love: Our Natural State of Being". She adopts the Ingredients in the Spectrum of Love as the Recipe of Love and as a foundation for the Wholistic Model for Conscious Loving. Dr. Farish is a member of International Bestselling Authors Internal Organization and Board Member for Bestselling Authors International Organization. She served on the UMMC Healing Arts Committee and UMMC Patient and Family Advisory Council. She is also a writer for Sivana East. 


  • Host of VoiceAmeria World Talk Radio Empowerment Show – LOVE LIGHT

  • Honorary Consultant Division of Industry and Community Engagement at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Penang, Malaysia

  • Founder and CEO, Life Care Wellness PEP for Angels, Inc.

  • Former Administrator and Professor in Higher Education at Jackson State University


Dr. Jean Marie Farish is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). She earned the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Rehabilitation (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), Master of Science (M.S.) in Rehabilitation Counseling (Jackson State University), and Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology (Tougaloo College).

 Work and Travel in Malaysia, Turkey and Mexico

We're All in This Together: Embrace One Another 

Dr. Jean Marie Farish showcased

INSIGHTS MAGAZINE Success Secrets Issue 

Featuring Jack Canfield, The Sucess Principles and 75 Top Authors 


Four Steps To Living a Simple Life

Spiritual Privilege Is Your Divine Birthright

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"Finding Yourself"

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The Importance Of Seeking Truth

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What Relationships Can Show Us About Ourselves!

Overcoming Life's Trials Through 4 Pillars of Spiritual Resilience

Accepting Yourself With Love and Compassion

Am I Dwelling in Love

The Innate Power of True Forgiveness

Unity And Healing Our Relationships

"4 Universal Principles for Conscious Loving"

"Cultivating A Loving Spirit"

What is Your Love Quotient (LQ)?

"How To Listen To the Inner Voice of Love"


Spirit of Love Class and Living in the Spirit of Love: Our Natural State of Being Book

“I really loved this class! Dr. Jean Marie Farish’s book, “Living in the spirit of Love” was just what I needed during this period of my life. I’ve always been a seeker of truth and the book expanded my knowledge on LOVE emphasizing it as “Our Natural State of Being”. This book also magnified the truth about LOVE in a way that helps the reader to understand that LOVE starts with you and your self-care. I now understand that you really can’t love anyone properly until you truly learn to love yourself. It offered a framework that empowered me with knowledge how to grow and choose LOVE on a daily basis”. 

Pat W.

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